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When it comes to glass and window cleaning there are three key points one must consider while selecting between window cleaning companies or choosing to take on the task of glass cleaning by one’s self;

I Do Windows Offers Its New Jersey Customers Quality Window Cleaning

We have all been there before.  Its spring-cleaning time, a party is coming up at your home or you are putting your house on the market and it is time to clean the windows.  You grab a bottle of America’s favorite glass cleaner from the store or you whip up a batch of Grandma’s secret window cleaner, use some paper towel or newspaper, invest all of that time and effort and the end result is that the windows look poorly cleaned.  The common conception about window cleaning is that it is a simple process that involves little technical knowledge or special equipment.  The reality is that nothing is further from the truth and most people simply do not know "how to clean windows."
Here is the Truth of the matter.
The truth about window cleaning is that it is a very difficult and a challenge on every single pane of glass.  We here at I Do Windows have been specializing in glass cleaning for over 35 years and know if a homeowner wants a truly professional result, there is only one way to turn, to a professional.  And even in selecting a “professional” one must be careful.  The industry standard when it comes to window cleaning, believe it or not, is to simply use water from the tap mixed with dish soap.  This can get the job done but tap water is filled with impurities and dish soap leaves residue on the glass that will cause the glass to get dirty quicker and often look poorly cleaned.  In Morris and Somerset county, New Jersey the average tap water has impurity levels of between 300-1200 parts per million. That is why you see water residue, build up and stains on your dishes, sinks and shower.  The same principle holds true with window cleaning and means that the average window cleaning company is using impure water to clean one’s glass, resulting in poorer results.  I Do Windows does not use tap water and only uses water with a purity rating of 0 parts per million.  
To add insult to injury, window cleaners will apply this soap/tap water solution with a “sleeve.”  A sleeve is simply a cleaning cloth on a handle that is moved around the glass to break up the dirt before either a towel or squeegee is used to clean the dirt and solution away, yielding your clean window.  The vast majority of glass cleaners will use the same sleeve, if not for an entire house, for an entire day!  You can imagine what this sleeve looks like after one single window – that is correct, filthy.  Now think about that same sleeve after it is repeatedly dipped into a slop bucket with water that gets dirtier and dirtier after every window cleaned.  Essentially they will use a dirty rag, over and over, to clean your window. Does that make sense to you and why would they do this?  The answer is simple, it is cheap for them resulting in a low cost of materials, saves them time and will still clean a window to a possibly acceptable level.  Even if the windows look half decent, do you as a home owner want all of that dirty water building up and dripping down your frames and onto your floors?  We doubt it.  The reality of this industry standard is that it will never, ever yield truly professional or lasting results.  Don't worry, there is a better way!!  I Do Windows goes further than the competition and uses a new clean apparatus on every glass surface.  Our process far exceeds the "industry standards" and result in cleaner, better and longer lasting results.
Other points to consider.
On the flip side of the coin, if a homeowner chooses to tackle the task of window cleaning themselves, the odds are stacked against them.  Traditional glass cleaning products, not to name any brands, simple stated do not work well. The paper towels one uses will leave lint everywhere and an uneven finish.  Or if one goes the newspaper route, the black ink will bleed off everywhere on the glass and stain your window’s edges.  If you try Grandma’s secret solution and use either alcohol, vinegar or ammonia, not only will the results be poor because those products do not clean glass effectively, but with all of the new special coatings on glass windows these days, they can break down and damage those films ruining your windows or voiding their warranties. Not only are the glass cleaning materials available to the common homeowner not effective most people do not have an understanding of proper window cleaning techniques and simply don't know how to clean a window correctly even if they did.  Add the fact that window cleaning can be dangerous when heights are added into the equation and it ends up being a long, unsafe process that typically yields poor results.
Here is the good news.
I Do Windows, the window cleaning specialists, has turned window washing into a science.  We will not give away our industry secrets but we take window cleaning to the next level and our over 60 years experience has given us the time to experiment and try all avenues in the field of glass cleaning.  That time and experience has solidified our stance that there is a better way.  The standard way to clean glass may be the standard for most window cleaning companies but never for I Do Windows.
Key Points:
• Glass cleaning specialists
• 60 years experience in the field
• No use of tap water as the base of our cleaning solution – water is purified so that it is 100% pure
• No use of soaps, alcohol, ammonia or vinegar in our solution only an all natural, environmentally friendly cleanser
• We put a free application of polish and sealant on your glass helping your glass shine brighter and repel dirt
• Cleaner is odorless, streak free and will not stain any surface
• No reuse of dirty “sleeves” throughout a home – a clean apparatus is used on each window
• All work is 100% guaranteed

I Do Windows Can Safely Clean Your Windows

Window cleaning can be very dangerous work.  From accessing second and third story windows, using a stepladder on uneven ground to negotiating around the landscape of one’s home without getting scratched and cut, it can be challenging and unsafe.  Some of our clients tell us about how they used to tackle window cleaning before they started using our service and it inevitably included tales of risking life and limb by hanging out of second story windows.  There is no reason to jeopardize one’s safety for what usually leads to poor results.  Hiring I Do Windows takes all the risk out of cleaning the windows in one’s home.  We are very experienced, fully insured and take every precaution to protect your home and ourselves while completing every job.  We have families too and take our health and well-being very seriously.  In many cases we can clean windows above the first floor safely from the ground eliminating the use of ladders.  We can even offer the same for our commercial clients and clean glass without the use of ladders or power extension equipment with our feet planted firmly on the ground.  No matter the time of year, size of project or obstacles in the way we can take care of your job professionally, effectively and safely.

I Do Windows Can Effectively Clean your Windows In A Time Efficient Manner

It goes without saying how precious time is.  It is one of the few aspects of life that we get little of with no way of making more.  When it comes to window cleaning, time is a major factor. Window cleaning is a timely endeavor. While I Do Windows glass cleaning service is by no means “fast” we are extremely efficient when it comes to properly cleaning the windows in one’s home or business.  We work quietly and efficiently allowing the home or business owner to continue the day uninterrupted.  It is also important to consider that while it might take the average homeowner a day or more to clean all of the glass in their home; the average job takes us between 2-5 hours.  If one chooses to schedule I Do Window’s glass cleaning service, their job will be done professionally, safely and in a timely manner – guaranteed!!

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