Stain Removal Experts. I Do Windows Safely Removes Oxidation and Mineral Stains From Windows And Glass

Glass is a very finicky surface that is easily damaged.  Most people believe that glass id flat but what most people do not know is that glass is a very porous material with imperceptible grooves and crevasses  It is easy for dirt and elements to work their way down below the surface of the glass and become lodged in these small grooves.  This is what causes those terrible stains on one’s glass that seem impossible to remove.  Two of the major forms of staining that can occur to glass are oxidation stains and mineral/hard water stains.  Both of these stains are extremely difficult to deal with and remove but I Do Windows's experience, technique, products and materials allow us to effectively combat and correct these issues.
What does this mean for you?
Most of our clients in New Jersey have screens on their windows.  Screens are a great feature, they allow air flow through a home, keep bugs and pests out, cut down on uv damage to floor and furniture and even act as a slight deterrent to break-ins.  The downside to screens is that most homes in the area have metal ones that are starting to age and rust.  Oxidation stains originate from the metal screens that cover one’s windows on the exterior. Like any metal surface that is exposed to the elements these metal screens will eventually start to rust.  When one thinks about rust they inevitably envision a red or brown discoloration but this oxidation stain works a bit differently and turns the metal shades of black, grey and white.  This is why most homeowner’s screens often look discolored, faded and unevenly tarnished. This rusting usually starts to take place as early as year 5 of a screen’s life.  Now where this becomes important is that this rust will get on one’s windows and eventually work its way into the glass resulting in a nasty oxidation stain. These oxidation stains are unfamiliar to most homeowners but if one has ever tried to clean any exterior windows that have been covered by a screen and there is a coating of dirt or a stain that will not move and your windows still look filthy when done, then you most likely have an oxidation stain.  These stains range in all levels of severity. Until somewhat recently, if a homeowner had this form of stain on their glass they would have had to consider replacing all the windows in their home to correct the problem if they ever wanted to have perfectly cleaned and clear windows again.  Now that is an expensive problem to have.

I Do Windows Can Safely and Effectively Remove The Oxidation Stains From Your Windows Erasing Years Of Damage

If you do have this stain type on your glass today, do not fret, I Do Windows in Mendham and Mount Olive, New Jersey can take care of it and in most cases have your glass looking clearer and cleaner then when it came out of the factory.  We use an all-natural cleaner and non-scratch abrasive pads to break up the stain and then clean one’s window with our standard technique once the stain is fully removed.  This will leave one’s windows looking as perfect and clear as possible and put an important protective coating over the glass’s surface ensuring that if and when the stain starts to build again it will grow at a slower less penetrating rate.  The cleanser we use to achieve these superior results is environmentally friendly and contains no acids or chemicals.  We are the only window cleaning company in the area that is licensed to use this product and in our opinions, it is the most safe and effective oxidation stain remover we have found in our over 35 years of being in the window cleaning and stain removal industry.

I Do Windows Can Remove The Mineral And Hard Water Stains From Your Glass

Hard water and mineral stains originate from all of the impurities that are contained within ground and tap water. They usually effect shower doors, exterior windows that sprinklers hit and exterior windows that homeowners repeatedly spray water on while watering plants and vegetables. These stains are some of the most difficult stains to deal with in the glass cleaning industry and they can unfortunately start developing in as little as two weeks once water starts to hit and stay on a window's surface.  A TDS meter measures the level of impurities in water and the average rating water receives from the tap in Morris and Somerset county New Jersey is somewhere between 300-1200.  A rating of 0 means that the water is pure and free of these minerals and will not leave behind any residual minerals that will cause staining.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that the water in our area is typically harder than the national average and loaded with impurities and minerals that can and will stain our shower doors and exterior windows.  
Simply stated.
Hard water and mineral stains on glass are very difficult to deal with and unfortunately cannot always be 100% reversed. We here at I Do Windows have a revolutionary product to help combat the effects of hard water and mineral stains. This product is not only all natural and safe for your home but is the most effective mineral/hard water stain remover we have seen in our industry in over 35 years.  I Do Windows is the only glass cleaning company in the area that is licensed to use this product.  We are proud and confident in this cleanser and believe it is the best option to use before power tools are brought into the equation.  I Do Windows does not offer a mineral stain removal process using power tools like other companies because that process can be risky and often results in further damage and scratching to one’s glass. Hard water and mineral stains are a real tough issue but we take them head on as naturally and safely as we can. Call us today at 973-543-7527 and see how we can help remove these stains from your windows and make your home shine its brightest.

“I use I Do Windows to clean my windows and gutters. They are great and very fairly priced. I am confident in recommending them to my friends and neighbors.”

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