Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:

I Do Windows accepts only checks as methods of payment for their window and gutter cleaning services. Full payment is due upon completion of work plus applicable sales tax, unless otherwise specified. In the event of a cancellation of either our window cleaning or gutter service, we require a 48 hour advanced notification.  If we do not receive a 48 hour advance notification of cancellation the customer will be charged a penalty fee of 25% of the job total or $150.00, which ever is greater. In the event of a returned or bounced check the customer must pay the entire invoice total plus an additional fee of $50 promptly within 7 business days via cash or money order.

All prices on estimates are guaranteed for 3 months after the date of their generation. Estimates may or may not be presented with New Jersey sales tax. All estimates are presented in good faith and include all costs associated with the job as estimated unless unforeseen issues arise after the job has started that would require additional materials and labor. In the event that added labor and materials are needed to complete the job, the homeowner is responsible for the addition cost of labor and materials needed in addition to the original estimate.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to make the job site ready for us. All items and furniture must be removed from around the windows, all blinds and curtains must be moved to the up or side position and we must have access to water to complete all window cleaning, screen cleaning and gutter cleaning services. If you wish I Do Windows to perform any of the a-fore mentioned services, we assume no liability in their completion. If a window does not open it will be cleaned as is. If a request to open any sealed windows is made by the homeowner, an addition cost of time and material will apply. I Do Windows assumes no liability if damage occurs while performing this service.  

I Do Windows is a family oriented company.  We only work or schedule jobs on weekends as a result of rain or weather related cancellations that occured during the work week.  If a customer requests for us to complete their job on a weekend due to their schedule and no weather related issues, I Do Windows charges an addition $200 surcharge to complete these jobs on top of the already agreed to cost of the service.

Lastly, all customers that hire, contract or schedule I Do Windows for any service are agreeing via verbal contract that they understand and agree to the above specifications and stipulations.

“I use I Do Windows to clean my windows and gutters. They are great and very fairly priced. I am confident in recommending them to my friends and neighbors.”

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