Eco Friendly, Environmentally Safe, Streak Free Window, Mirror and Glass Cleaner



Do you want only the safest cleaning products used in your home or business?  


Are you concerned about providing only the purest non-toxic environment for your children and pets?


Imagine if you could hire a window cleaning company that specializes in using only Eco and Environmentally Safe cleaning products.

No problem - We have you covered!!


The lynch pin of every window cleaning job or service I Do Windows performs is our own environmentally friendly window cleaning solution developed back in the mid 1980’s.  Due to concern over the chemical toxicity of glass cleaners in the past, that is unfortunately still prevalent today, I Do Window's owner Tom started dipping his toes in the green movement more than 35 years ago.  His goal was to create an effective cleaner that would be safe to use on a daily basis for both him and his clientele.  That solution has changed and morphed over the years into what we proudly use today. Based off of 100% pure water (water that is processed and cleaned of any environmental impurities) and all natural cleansers, we find our glass cleaning solution to be the most effective and safe on the market.  We believe it performs better than any other streak free professional glass cleaner available today and have run the tests to prove it. This product not only cleans but also polishes your glass to what we have been told looks like, “Windows that look like high definition glass.”  Our glass cleaning solution goes even further and also puts a protective coating on your windows.  This coating will help your windows repel dirt and protect them from environmental build up and damage.  It is truly a wonderful product and we are very proud of it.

I Do Windows Uses All Natural And Environmentally Friendly Glass Cleaning Products

New Jersey has come a long way in appreciating the environment, and many of the towns and families we service in Morris and Somerset county are now pursuing and demanding the use of safer and more sustainable cleaning products in their homes. We have always understood that a clean home should mean a clean environment, an environment that is unquestionably safe for homeowners, their children and their pets.  We are proud to be at the fore-front of the green movement and our customers can rest assured that we are using only the purest and safest cleaning aids in their home and that our cleaning products are not harmful in any way.
Key Points: 
* Cleaner is based off of 100% pure water and natural cleansers
* Cleaner is odorless 
* Cleaner is 100% safe and effective
* Cleaner will not stain any surface.
* Cleaner is streak free 
* Cleaner polishes and seals your glass helping your windows shine brighter and repel dirt.
* Cleaner helps protect against environmental build up and damage

“I use I Do Windows to clean my windows and gutters. They are great and very fairly priced. I am confident in recommending them to my friends and neighbors.”

Joseph – Peapack, NJ 07977


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