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Morris and Somerset County New Jersey's Premier Window Cleaning Service Company

We here at the I Do Windows family have window washing down to a science. We are a professional window, glass and gutter cleaning company that is a fully insured, uses all natural cleaning products and is completely customer focused. We are based out of Morris County, New Jersey and have been in operation since 1983. I Do Windows has been offering a wide array of professional cleaning services for both our residential and commercial clients for over 35 years with the same promise each and every time - The owner is always on the job completing the work personally and all services come with a 100% service guarantee.

Points to consider

Clean windows enhance the overall look and appearance of any home or business and when it comes to glass cleaning we've seen it all over the years and consider no job too challenging to handle. Our cleaning services include the cleaning of all window and glass types from thermo pane, divided light, to storms and skylights. We also specialize in gutter cleaning, sill cleaning, screen cleaning, mirror cleaning, window track cleaning, ceiling fan cleaning, shower door cleaning, construction clean up, screen repair and stain removal. We work on most property types including older historic houses, residential homes, apartment complexes, businesses, storefronts and smaller commercial buildings. Whether preparing for a party, the holidays, selling your home, in the midst of spring cleaning or trying to improve the overall look of your home or business we turn the tedious task of window cleaning into a simple, safe and worry free process.

Who we are

Owner, Tom Moretti has been a pioneer in the field of glass cleaning since his entry into the field in the 70’s and brings his full knowledge of window and glass cleaning to every job. He has passed that knowledge on to his son TJ and together they pride themselves on running their highly respected and top rated window cleaning company I Do Windows. With over 60 years of experience between them, you can feel confident that you have the most qualified, caring and competent window cleaners in the area servicing your home.

Our mission, from the day we started I Do Windows, was never to be the largest glass cleaning company in area but to be the absolute best. The keys to our success lie in our experience and knowledge of the glass cleaning industry, dedication to our customer base and unparalleled customer service and work ethic. These are core points that we excel at and result in very clean windows and more importantly very happy customers.
Best of All
We believe I Do Windows has been so successful and has achieved such a long track record over the years because we Love Our Customers!!! We call the same communities home, you are our neighbors, our children go to the same schools and we volunteer our time at the same charities. We understand the concerns and busy lifestyles of Morris and Somerset County, New Jersey residents and strive to provide them with the same level of service that we would demand in our own home. We have serviced the same families for decades and we believe we have earned that loyalty by providing superior service, personal attention, and backing the quality of our work with "our promise" on each and every job. You can read about Our Promise here. Our care and customer's repeat satisfaction is why our clients continue to use our window and gutter cleaning services and continually rate us as the premier glass and gutter cleaning company in the area, year after year. Here are what are customers are saying.
Key Points of Service:


aboutus The same personnel – the owners – will always service your property. No use of large crews or day laborers.
aboutus Owners, combined, have over 60 years experience.
aboutus Fully insured up to $1,000,000
aboutus Your service is scheduled on a specific date and time – no waiting or surprise visits.
aboutus Work is performed quietly and efficiently, allowing you to continue your day uninterrupted.
aboutus Every precaution is taken to leave your home the way we found it – from the shoe covers we wear when entering to the check we do before leaving - you will not have to clean up after us.
aboutus Cleaning solution is eco friendly, water soluble and chemical free.
aboutus Cleanings come with a free coat of sealant and polish that will help your windows shine brighter, repel dirt and resist damage and staining.
aboutus No use of slop buckets that lead to mess and drips in your home – solution is spray applied
aboutus Customers are not locked into service contracts
aboutus All estimates are free.
aboutus All work is 100% guaranteed.

Tom Moretti

Tom Moretti has been in the window cleaning industry since the 70's. After a career in corporate purchasing he took the leap into managing and owning a business himself and in 1983 founded I Do Windows - The Window Cleaning Specialist servicing Morris and Somerset County, New Jersey. Since its inception, Tom has established I Do Windows as the premier window cleaning company in Northern New Jersey. After over 35 years in business, Tom still prides himself on running a family owned and operated company and continues to works on almost every scheduled job. In the 80's, Tom developed his own all natural window cleaning solution that is still the base for what I Do Windows uses today. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Tom is proud to have been an innovator in the green movement and be the owner of such a respected business priding itself on quality, customer service and life long connections with his clientele


Services Provided:

Window Cleaning, Screen cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Stain removal and Screen repair

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TJ Moretti

TJ Moretti is the owner and operator of I Do Windows LLC - The Window Cleaning Specialist. After pioneering the development of a few web based businesses and a career in technology, TJ had the desire to own and operate his own business where he could make something truly his own. To do so, he looked toward his father. TJ partnered with his father in the window cleaning industry and established I Do Windows II in 2004 and then I Do Windows LLC in 2016, and based his new company off the principles and expertise of his father's experience with I Do Windows. TJ brings that same enthusiasm and attention to detail as his father that transformed I Do Windows into the leading and preferred window cleaning company in Morris and Somerset counties, New Jersey. TJ prides himself on carrying on his father's tradition of quality and unparalleled customer service and just like his dad is always on every job. TJ relishes the opportunity to continue the traditions set forth by his father and I Do Windows and lead the company into the future.

Services Provided:

Window Cleaning, Screen cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Stain removal and Screen repair

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“I use I Do Windows to clean my windows and gutters. They are great and very fairly priced. I am confident in recommending them to my friends and neighbors.”

Joseph – Peapack, NJ 07977


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