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Most homeowners are aware of the problem that occurs when shower doors are not cleaned of any residual water and residue after each and every shower.  That is right, HARD WATER and MINERAL STAINS.  This is one of the most difficult stains to deal with in the glass cleaning industry and they can unfortunately start developing in as little as two weeks once water starts to hit and stay on the glass surface.  A TDS meter measures the level of impurities in water and the average rating water from the tap in Morris and Somerset County, New Jersey receives is somewhere between 300-1200 on the meter.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that the water in our area is typically harder than average and loaded with impurities and minerals that can and will leave lasting stains on our shower doors.  

I Do Windows Can Remove Unwanted Hard Water And Mineral Stains From Shower Glass And Doors

As stated before, hard water stains on shower doors are very difficult to deal with and unfortunately cannot always be fully reversed. We here at I Do Windows have a revolutionary product to help combat the effects of hard water and mineral stains on windows and shower glass. This product is not only all natural and safe for your home but is the most effective mineral/hard water stain remover we have seen in our industry in over 35 years.  I Do Windows is the only window and glass cleaning company in the area that is licensed to use this product.  We are proud and confident in this cleanser and believe it is the best option to use before power tools are brought into the equation.  I Do Windows does not offer a stain removal process using power tools like other companies because that process can be risky and often results in further damage to one’s glass surface.  
Hard water and mineral stains are a real tough issue but we take them head on as naturally and safely as we can.  I Do Windows has restored over 500 shower doors to new or almost new conditions in the Morris and Somerset County areas.  Call us today at 973-543-7527 and let us correct years of damage and bring new life to that beat up and stained shower door.

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  • Brookside, NJ
  • Chester, NJ
  • Harding, NJ
  • Long Valley, NJ
  • Mendham, NJ
  • Morristown, NJ
  • Morris Plains, NJ
  • Mount Olive, NJ
  • New Vernon, NJ
  • Randolph, NJ
  • Roxbury, NJ
  • Basking Ridge, NJ
  • Bedminster, NJ
  • Bernardsville, NJ 
  • Far Hills, NJ
  • Gladstone, NJ
  • Peapack, NJ
  • Warren, NJ

“I use I Do Windows to clean my windows and gutters. They are great and very fairly priced. I am confident in recommending them to my friends and neighbors.”

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