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Here is the dilemma. How do you find a professional window cleaning company in your area that offers their services at a fair price?

You want a reliable window washing service that you can count on, you want that company to be insured and you want them to be reputable if not the best around but you don't want to pay through the teeth for them.

Sounds almost impossible to achieve but don't worry - WE HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU!!!

I Do Windows, the window cleaning specialist, based in Mendham and Mount Olive has been offering top notch window cleaning services to our friends and neighbors in New Jersey since 1983. We offer a wide array of cleaning services including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, screen cleaning, soft washing, mold removal and more all at a fair price!!! Best of all, we can offer all of our customers our top rated service - read reviews about I Do Windows service - while offering our customers the peace of mind of a $1,000,000 insurance policy. In over 35 years of being in business we have never had one claim made against us but you can rest assured that if anything does happen while we are working in your home that you are fully covered.

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Points to think about when considering a window cleaning company's cost

Everyone wants to get the most out of their hard earned money, especially when using a service company. Services like lawn care, painting or window cleaning can all be completed by a homeowner. We all live very busy lives though and who has the time. That's why most people will look to a service professional to take on these tasks because they simply don't have the time to complete them themselves and they want them done to perfection.

Window Cleaning costs can and will undoubtedly vary between service companies. What is important to think about while considering the cost while selecting between window cleaning service providers, besides the service itself, is how are you the homeowner protected? Is the company you're interested in hiring insured? Are they registered with the government and do they have worker's compensation insurance? These are significant factors that will come into play and effect the cost of having the windows cleaned in your home.

Are You Willing To Take The Risk?

Sure, you could save some money if you hire one of the discount window cleaning services. But let me ask you, how can they offer pricing so low and is saving possibly up to 30% on your window cleaning service worth hiring an unregistered or uninsured company? What if something happens on the job and they damage your home? Unfortunately you as a homeowner have little recourse. Most home insurance policies do not cover unregistered workers or companies and what about the large deductible that comes with opening a claim if they do? You could take them to small claims court but even if you win it is unlikely that you will ever see a dime from that company or individual. And then there is the nightmare scenario; what if that company employees unregistered/illegal workers and one of them gets injured on your property. Now you are legally responsible for that individuals claim!! Besides, if that company is so willing to cut corners in all of these essential areas, are they going to do the best work possible in your home or are they going to cut corners there too?

We are not trying to scare you, but the point we are getting at is why take the risk? I Do Windows offers very competitive pricing for all of our services. We may not be the least expensive or be able to compete with these unregistered and uninsured company's prices but you can have the peace of mind that you are hiring the best window cleaning company in the area and are fully covered and protected when you do. Just ask us to show you our insurance policy, we will be happy to present it to you. And even if you do not hire us, always ask the company that you do to present theirs. If they cannot or have an excuse as to why they cannot, we would recommend that you seriously consider hiring someone different.

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